Best Ways to Dispose Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is commonly used in the kitchen for cooking purposes. Sadly, many people find disposal a nightmare and find themselves pouring it down the drain. A little hot water behind the oil will push it on down, so many people believe, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth and worsens the risk of a clog. Rather than find yourself needing a plumbing company like Absolute Draining & Plumbing to handle a clogged drain issue, read below to learn some of the best cooking oil disposal methods and use these methods to rid oil rather than pouring it down the drains.

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Save the Oil

Some people reuse their cooking oil a couple of times before tossing. If you’re one of those people want to start, it is a good way to save some serious cash and is easy to save. Many people use coffee tins to collect grease, but any similar container will work.

Milk Jugs

Disposing oil in old milk jugs is another option that can help you get rid of the cooking oil. Be sure to allow the oil to cool completely and then pour it into gallon milk jugs, or another similar container. Place the lid back on the milk jug, seal tightly, and then dispose of the container inside the garbage container.

Paper Towels

Dirty paper towels absorb cooking oil and make it possible to toss into the garbage can and since they’ve been used once, you are not wasting. Remember to let the cooking oil cool before it is tossed, no matter the method of disposal that you select.

Mix it Up

You can also combine the cooking oil with absorbent materials. Many people find that cat litter is one of the best to use for cooking oil, though there’s a plethora of other options available.

So, there it is. Several easy cooking oil disposal methods that can help you get rid of your cooking oil without causing trouble to the plumbing system. While Absolute Draining & Plumbing and other plumbers are there when you need them, avoiding issues altogether is always the best resolution. When you avoid placing cooking oil in the drains, you’re taking one great step toward fewer calls to the plumber.